Walter Vecchio is an architectural photographer with over 5 years of experience in the field of architectural visualization.
He graduates with a Master’s Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture from the University of Catania.
His thesis “Armonie Nascoste” focuses on the parallelism between architecture and music and explores a method to convert architectural facades into musical scores and melodies.

In 2019, he joins the Visual Unit team at MCA, working on some of the most prestigious projects and competitions of the company.

His background in 3D visualization has given him a unique perspective on architectural photography. He believes that both disciplines share the same approach and point of view: to tell stories, highlight forms, colors, and light.
This is why he's passionate about all forms of visual art.

Due to his passion for Photography and the continuous research in this field, his photo “Change of Perspective”, DC Tower by Dominique Perrault, has been selected as a Special Mention in the Architizer Vision Awards 2023 in the Exterior Photograph category.

Architecture Photography